Spa & Wellness

Spa Management

Sovereign Hospitality® has expertise and resources in wellness, management and development in the industry from day and resort to destination spas.
Sovereign Hospitality’s extensive resources grant us access to top tier designers, contractors, resort and hotel brands, manufacturers, and vendors delivering competitive pricing to drive increase profits and revenue.  Our professional experience include managing a $22mil expansion and renovation of a luxury spa resort project in Colorado. In addition, to receiving the coveted award as the #1 eco-spa resort of a managed Central America resort.

An active member of the International Spa Association (ISPA),  Sovereign Hospitality’s CEO/President, Loren Stone, has over eighteen years of international and domestic experience in operations, sales, marketing, development and strategic planning. Mr. Stone continues to be an industry leader as business evolves.  He serves on multiple International task forces and regularly contributes to publications on varying topics such as ‘How to Maximize Your Profits’ to ‘Incorporating Social Media Into Your Mainstream Tactics.’